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Hello, I’m Ollie Green – Welcome to my website! This is a space I am using to showcase my most recent freelance writer work. Feel free to learn more about me by scrolling below, and if you’re interested in hiring, click on the hire me page and I’ll be in contact with you as soon as possible.

The relationship between client and contractor is important, so I’d like to share a little bit about myself with you-

I am an outgoing worker that enjoys writing on a wide range of topics relating to mobile, video games and new & upcoming technology. My interest in video games and technology started as a child, and it has grown ever since. I started writing about my passions as a hobby, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to now have it as my full time career.

I’ve worked with many clients in the past, and for me, making connections with new people and offering my piece of mind is just as important as the writing work.

“While Ollie Green may only work for me for a handful of hours each week, Ollie is capable, responsible and a great communicator. Ollie properly sets and meets expectations. Ollie would be a valuable and dependable asset in any work place that provides him the opportunity to succeed. “

Carlos Reyes, Evil Controllers

My experience as a freelance writer has lead to a great understanding of SEO, ASO, mobile & web marketing, and general mobile/tech journalism, and I have worked with dozens of clients since starting my freelance writing career.

“Ollie Green started writing for giffgaff when I noticed the level of detail in his posts in both important and off topic conversations on the giffgaff community. Ollie showed an interest right away when approached about blogging and started once every couple of months. Since then, he has been writing two blogs per month consistently.

He always posts on the date and time given and needs no help in coming up with blog ideas. He has since become a regular Android blogger for us. His communication skills both with me and the giffgaff community are excellent and he is a pleasure to work with.”

Zobia Ali, giffgaff community educator


Scroll down to learn more about me,  my previous experience and expertise, and get in contact with me if you’re looking to hire.

Skills & Expertise

SEO & Marketing

I can help to grow desktop and mobile web presence for businesses through SEO articles & content, social marketing, and mobile marketing.

Video Game Journalism

As an experienced gamer, providing opinions and finding the latest and greatest video games news comes naturally to me. Whilst writing, I will keep facts straight and work hard to make articles more engaging for readers and more findable on search engines through SEO.

Mobile/Tech Journalism

I have a strong passion for the content I write about, and always strive to make my writing original and pitch in my own thoughts and ideas on various subjects. I also love to see new websites grow, and I'm happy to use SEO and keywords in my content to bring in more traffic.

App & Video Game Reviews

After dedicating a large chunk of my free time towards playing video games and mobile apps, I instinctively know how to summarize, describe and compare a game to others on the market, whilst giving a fair and unbiased rating towards a review.

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I have written for many clients since starting as a freelance writer, some of which have made huge strides in their business and have helped to innovate the industry they work in.

Below I’ve listed clients of mine that are innovative, highly successful and well-known in their industry.

Evil Controllers


Boost One Mobile

Weever Media


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I have been writing on giffgaff’s blog since I first joined the mobile network. Since then, I have helped giffgaff to provide content to their community and offer interesting and thoughtful articles relating to the mobile industry that can help newcomers get to grips with smartphone technology, whilst providing tips and information to the more tech savvy members of the community. A selection of the blogs I have written can be read below:

The Best User Interfaces for Android   The World’s Weirdest Android Devices  How to Make your Home screen Unique

Tips to Speed up your Slow Android Phone   Top iPhone Apps of 2012   Top Android Apps of 2012


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giffgaff One

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Evil Controllers

I am currently writing about all the latest news and releases on the gaming industry in the Evil Controllers blog.

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EVILControllers One

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 Boost One Mobile

Boost One Mobile is a successful mobile web development company that provides and develops mobile websites for other businesses looking to make an online & mobile presence. I have provided articles to their blog to help their customers understand the benefits of owning a mobile app for their business.

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BoostOneMobile One

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Weever Media

Weever Media is a professional internet marketing agency that specializes in app marketing, web marketing, ASO and SEO. I have provided many articles relating to mobile marketing to help them reach out to newer mobile-based clients. These articles can be seen on their blog

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Weever Media One

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I started writing Android app reviews for App4Smart in late 2014, and have been writing for them since. Their library of app reviews grows every day, and provides information to tens of thousands of visitors. My review profile can be found here.

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If you’d like to hire me, I’d suggest using oDesk to get started. oDesk is the largest freelancer platform in the world and offers a secure, safe relationship between both the contractor and the client.

If you already have a client profile on oDesk and you would like to hire me, please view my profile on oDesk.

Below you can see my typical prices for the services I provide. If you would like to contact me about other projects, or have a question you’d like me to answer, use the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

mobile/tech journalism with passion. Each article topic will be written with my own professional opinion that will encourage regular visitors to interact, comment on, and share article posts to help build a strong community, whilst bringing in new members through SEO techniques.$6/article
Video game journalism that keeps a non-opinionated view whilst keeping readers up to date on new and upcoming video games and content releases$6/article
SEO work for mobile businesses and startups- 500+ high quality word SEO article that will get you and your business seen by the right people$23.20/article
High quality, app, mobile or video game reviews that summarize and rate various aspects of the game or app. Price depends on word count.$20-$35/review

If you’re a new startup, or a small business, I can understand the difficulties that occur when trying plan how to invest your budget. If you’re not sure whether my content will be able to help you, feel free to contact me and I may consider starting a contract at a cheaper trial price.



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